Project 1-Loop Song

The title of my first loop song is still undecided.

I first started off by exploring the different loops that are given in Garageband. The first instruments I added were the beats. After exploring on several beats, I chose the one that sounded good in my years. Then I started to stack different instruments. I did not do this in a random way. While I let the beat run I listened to different loops simultaneously. I stacked Afloat beat, Shaker 1, Gold disc synth layers, Wah power bass, Tricky funk Wah guitar, Drop the funk clav, Future state synth, Afloat synth arp, Brooklyn Noir flute, keyboard, Bongo groove 02, and Dance floor lights clav. At first, I had several loops that were constant through the song and added loops one by one. However, I struggled to make the song interesting as it had the same loops constantly playing. That is why I used some loops like solo instruments. To end the song I started to get rid of the loops one by one to end with only the beat.


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